About us

We wanted to create a product for Rome and Vatican Travelers that is so unique that it makes your stay so special that you will always remember it.

The places listed here on this website are not just places we picked these are place where we from Roma-Vaticano also stay when we are in Rome and the Vatican. We loved these places so much that we wanted to give the world the opportunity to experience the magic these places have. Everybody needs to visit Rome sooner or later - why not having the best experience you can get. There is no need to search for hours for Hotels or places. This site is all about the best places for you travel journey or even for private and business events. We are always here to answer you questions and customer service is very important to us because of the exclusive offers we have we think that you also need an exclusive treatment when you book with us. If you have any questions please get in touch and we are happy to assist you..